There are over 500 Cal Poly Approved study abroad programs in 75 countries.
These programs fall under the categories listed below.

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Cal Poly Global Program

  • Cal Poly courses taught in English by Cal Poly faculty in a variety of global destinations.
  • Study abroad with Cal Poly for a quarter, summer, or spring break.
  • Earn Cal Poly credit towards your major, minor, and GEs.

Cal Poly International Exchange Programs

  • International Exchange opportunities are available for semester or academic year.
  • Options in the College of Engineering and the College of Architecture and Environmental Design.
  • Earn Cal Poly or transfer credit towards your major or minor.

CSU International Programs

  • Academic year programs for students from all universities within the CSU system.
  • Immersion programs at over 50 distinguished universities in 18 countries.
  • Earn CSU credit towards your major, minor, and GEs.

National Student Exchange

  • Domestic exchange opportunities at more than 190 universities are available for up to one year.
  • Study “abroad” in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam, or the U.S. Virgin Islands.
  • Earn transfer credit towards your major, minor, and GEs.

Cal Poly Partner Programs

  • Study abroad with U.S. and international students for a summer, semester, or academic-year.
  • Internship, work-abroad, and volunteer opportunities available
  • Earn transfer credit towards your major, minor, and GEs.

Non-Affiliated Study Programs

  • If you prefer not to study abroad on a Cal Poly Approved program, you have the option to study abroad independently on an outside program.
  • Studying abroad independently requires careful academic, financial, and logistical planning.
  • Follow the ‘Guidelines for Non-Affiliated Study Abroad’ established by the Cal Poly International Center when planning your independent study abroad experience